About Us

Little Learners Montessori Pre-School is a privately owned school, dedicated to providing quality Montessori education for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years. 

Our qualified, nurturing staff and enriched learning environment, enables each child to develop at their individual pace through age-appropriate work.

This child-centred approach allows your child to confidently express their unique capabilities enabling the cultivation of a healthy self-esteem and independence; vital skills that will provide a firm foundation for future learning.

At Little Learners Montessori Pre-School, we strive to give your child a well-balanced education on all levels of development. 

Please find below a brief list of the areas covered:

Practical Life                                        Sensorial

Math                                                        Language

Cultural Subjects                                Science

Art and Music                                       The Outdoors

"Montessori is a preparation for LIFE"

​Discipline and Freedom

This is most certainly one of the most widely misunderstood areas of the Montessori philosophy.  Whilst Maria Montessori advocated giving the children certain measures of freedom within which to function - it is very clear that this freedom is 'within limits'.

Freedom in the context that Maria Montessori intended is simply that the child be allowed the freedom to follow his inner drive in order to fulfill his sensitive periods.  Therefore, if a child is showing an innate aptitude towards number concepts, in a Montessori classroom he has the freedom to devote as much time as he wishes to number related work.  This type of freedom however has no bearing on acceptable norms of behaviour in society.  In a Montessori classroom (probably more so than anywhere else), there is a very definite set of rules and regulations that are at one with the norm of society.

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